WEBINAR SERIES: Meet from Anywhere

We enable people to meet & collaborate from anywhere!

Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Huddle, Meeting Room or Face to Face.

We have MEETING products & solutions for all devices and spaces!

Our webinar series

We’ve put together a series of webinars designed to help you explore your meeting technology options and provide you with helpful advice.

A great source of ideas, knowledge and guidance on the latest and best technologies out there. Great if you’re reviewing your existing technology and looking for robust, future proof solutions to support the new mix of home and office working.

Shaping the future with Nureva Span & GoBright

Work is what you do, not where you are!

We take a look at how our recent experience has changed the way we’ve been working and discuss how to improve this for the future and for our return to the office with smart workplace management tools.

We’ll explore collaboration tools to support a mix of home & office workers and look at room booking & desk management tools specifically with social distancing in mind.

Watch now to explore technologies for improving workflows and productivity as we think about returning to the office.

Microsoft Teams & Your Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams

Are you using or thinking about rolling out Microsoft Teams? Have you considered how this will affect your Video Conferencing & meeting room technology?

  • Discover the challenges of working with Microsoft Teams
  • Explore the options for your meeting rooms
  • Find out how to get your meeting room technology working seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Watch now for an informative webinar about Microsoft Teams & Your Meeting Rooms.

Coming Soon…

Keep a look out for webinars on the following topics coming soon:

  • AuDeo & RingCentral present: the future of the modern workplace & remote working
  • Best Audio & Cameras for homeworking
  • Video Conferencing Etiquette
  • Huddle Spaces
  • Barco – wireless presentation solutions
  • PC Connected Meeting Rooms – The future of meeting room technology
  • Video Conferencing hardware for your meeting rooms

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