When do you meet?

People Meeting in Boardroom Using Video Conferencing

Understanding when you meet

Knowing when & how often you meet is important in selecting the best meeting technology options for you.

How often do you meet?

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly? How often you meet can dictate the types of meetings you have and the technologies you need. For example; adhoc project calls with colleagues, quick conference calls to start the day, weekly update meetings with homeworkers joining remotely, monthly team meetings in the office, quarterly 'all company' updates or yearly collaborative brainstorm and planning meetings. These all have very different technology and meeting space requirements.

To schedule or not

The other question is whether you schedule your meetings or not? When do you have those all important meetings? Do you need to schedule them in advance, or can you just grab a meeting room or jump on a video call ad hoc? Maybe you have a room booking solution!

Room Booking

How often have you experienced double booking of rooms? Do your colleagues pull rank & move you to other, less suitable rooms? Or maybe you can never find a suitable room to hold your meeting at the last minute.

If you have the ability to book your meeting rooms and meeting spaces, does this link to your corporate calendars, teams, google meet or your chosen video platform? Are you able to use the data collected to report on your room usage?

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We're all about meetings

At AuDeo we're passionate about meetings. We love discovering everything about how you meet. Once we truly understand the types of meetings you have, where you have them & when, we can recommend the best technologies to help make your meetings successful. We can help to provide the solutions to book the rooms you need, when you need them and to understand and report on your room usage. Let's go on a journey of discovery together and find out how your meetings can be productive and successful every time.

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