Synergy is AuDeo's partner programme

If you're an experienced IT provider looking to work with an Audio Visual specialist, we'd love to work with you.

& If you already have a trusted IT partner, then put us in touch, we'd love to work with them.

Partner with us

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Why work with us?

AV & IT have become more closely integrated over the last few years. Microsoft Teams is now being extended into the meeting room requiring integrated AV equipment and bringing challenges across both disciplines.

If your customers and clients are starting to use Microsoft Teams in their meeting rooms they may well be looking for someone with the knowledge & experience to help.

Working in partnership with AuDeo allows you to have access to the expertise required to deliver AV alongside your existing IT services. We'll work with you to extend your offering in a non-competitive way.

Watch our quick introduction to Synergy

Person Working on Audio Visual Meeting Room Designs on Screen
AuDeo Meeting with Customer Initial Discovery Meeting
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A true partnership

  • Non-competitive

  • Protect your existing customer relationships

  • Trusted partnership, many years' experience of working alongside IT partners

  • Flexible engagement terms

  • Access to 20+ years' experience designing, installing and supporting meeting AV

  • Our very own team of knowledgeable, experienced and fully qualified Account Managers, Project Managers, Designers, Installation Engineers, Programmers & Support Technicians

  • Strong relationships with all the Audio Visual & Video Conferencing vendors

  • Access to marketing campaigns & materials

We're all about meetings!

AuDeo is a meeting room technology specialist driving productivity in corporate meeting spaces with reliable, secure & easy to use Video Conferencing and Audio Visual technology & services.

We have over 20 years' experience designing, installing and supporting audio visual technology.

Supporting successful meetings wherever, whenever & however your clients decide to meet.

Find out more about us

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People Meeting in Boardroom Using Video Conferencing
One To One Video Conference Call in Meeting Room

How can we help?

Integrating Microsoft Teams in meeting rooms.

Solving acoustic problems.

Helping with audio issues.

Refreshing meeting rooms & updating AV technology.

Supporting existing & new AV equipment.

Find out about our solutions Find out about our services

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Audio Visual Installation in Boardroom
Audio Visual Meeting Room Control System Touch Panel

Our technologies & solutions

  • Screens

  • Cameras

  • Microphones

  • Speakers

  • Acoustics

  • Presentation Systems

  • Control Systems

  • Corporate Digital Signage

  • Meeting Room Booking

  • Hot Desk Booking

  • Visitor Management

  • Support Packages