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Video conferencing in meeting room

There’s one key meeting room challenge we need to overcome! 

Right now we’ve all just been told that we need to carry on working from home if we can. Some of us have been back into the office for a short time and many of us were switching between the two; spending part of our time in the office and part working from home. 

We know that there are some companies who are planning to never return to the office and will continue working from home but most of us are planning to return at some point. Depending on circumstances this is probably still a very loose prediction and is starting to look like January or February next year. 


What’s coming? 

So, at some point we know we will be returning to the office. Safety issues aside, the reality of starting to return to the office is one of making sure you have the technology in place to support your mix of hybrid workers both in the office, in your meeting rooms and at home. Video and audio enabling every meeting room is going to be key to getting the most out of meeting spaces when we do start returning to the office and also ensuring that we can communicate with everyone. 

Meeting rooms right now 

Right now meeting rooms are a bit of a scary place to be, right? They are spaces for people to get together and right now we really don’t want to be getting together. And this isn’t going to change anytime soon.  

Meeting Room

The question is how do we get the most from our meeting rooms whilst keeping people safe? 

Initially our huddle rooms are going to become private work spaces, our medium rooms are going to become the new huddle rooms and our large rooms will be used a lot more as they have the space for social distancing and keeping people safe. 

The longer term 

Our meeting rooms are going to become even more important than ever before. More of us will be working from home, more of the time and more often. Our ability to meet and talk to people in the office is reduced. This means more meetings and more video meetings to keep people connected.  

Everyone’s using video! 

We know that pretty much everyone is now using video conferencing in some form or another and they’re using it a lot more than they used to. It has got us through this crisis and continues to keep us connected with our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers. It’s a given, right! 

So, you’re using a platform, or maybe multiple apps across your company. There are many out there; Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, StarLeaf, Goto, Webex, and others. Maybe you’re undecided as to which platform you will ultimately choose to standardise on, or maybe it’s a decision that has already been made for you by your users. 

Video and audio enable ALL meeting spaces 

One key challenge we face when returning to the office is how to use and connect our various video platforms and applications into our existing meeting rooms? 

This starts to become a very costly exercise if you are looking at completely new room systems for your chosen platforms, especially when your large meeting rooms have now become smaller rooms and your small meeting spaces, huddles, due to social distancing and capacity measures. 

But there are simpler, quicker and more cost effective ways! 

AuDeo have been providing meeting room solutions for over 20 years, whatever route you choose AuDeo has a solution that can be tailored to your exact needs. Keep things simple and video enable all of your meeting spaces with AuDeo. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and find out more. 

Video Conferencing in meeting room

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