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Poly Studio Personal Video Conferencing

Introducing The Poly Studio P Series

Improving the quality of the homeworking experience.

The Poly Studio P Series is the industry’s first professional-grade personal video conferencing equipment, designed to up the game of today’s remote worker. The Poly Studio P delivers high-performance cameras and premium audio capabilities to give you the confidence, freedom and professional edge to look and sound your best wherever you are.

The Poly ‘Studio P’ Series features:

  • Premium audio
  • Premium, fine-tuned camera optics ensure you are seen with exceptional clarity
  • Brilliant colors and automatic low-light compensation deliver broadcast-quality video
  • Camera view optimized for personal workspaces
  • Premium audio; rich, clear audio to hear every word
  • Noise canceling microphones block extraneous sounds
  • Integrated privacy shutter ensures your video is off
  • Ready-to-work, out-of-the-box experience

Here’s how you can optimize your personal experience:

Poly Studio P5
Poly Studio P5

The Poly Studio P5

A small webcam that offers big experiences. Exceptional camera optics are fine-tuned so you come across clearly with a powerful, professional-quality image. Also includes a directional microphone and desktop management capabilities.

The Poly Studio P15

Poly Studio P15
Poly Studio P15

A personal video bar gives you everything you need to look and sound your best. Again, great camera optics and powerful audio deliver a premium experience for remote meetings. Also includes automatic camera framing, NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence.

The Poly Studio P21

Poly Studio P21
Poly Studio P21

Personal meeting display. Simple set up of a premium video conferencing experience in your personal workspace. Offers the complete experience, including display, camera, microphones and speakers, with a single USB connection to your PC or Mac so it can be used with any video app.

Poly is also offering kits/bundles with the Studio P5 that include the Poly Sync 20, Voyager 4220 UC or select Blackwire headsets – just perfect for the homeworking set up!

For more information on the Poly Studio P Series, contact us today!

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