StarLeaf Microsoft Teams Integration

StarLeaf & Teams Integration with BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf strengthens its Microsoft Teams compatability

NEW StarLeaf integration with Microsoft Teams using BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf has partnered with BlueJeans to give StarLeaf customers the ability to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from their StarLeaf meeting rooms and huddle spaces using the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams, which is certified for Microsoft Teams.

We understand that you choose the tools that you need, to work in a way that suits you. In the modern hyperconnected workplace, it’s unlikely that you will standardise on just one provider and will need to adopt a best of breed approach, choosing an appropriate provider for each of your specific UC needs.

StarLeaf can complement your Microsoft deployment by providing an easy way to connect your conference rooms to Microsoft Teams meetings.

You can easily schedule your meetings from within Outlook or Teams. Your invitations are auto-populated with a link and entry code. It’s simple and straight forward to join from your room systems too. Once you’ve added the BlueJeans Gateway to your directory, you just dial and enter the conference code.

  • StarLeaf complements your Microsoft deployment
  • Your workflows remain uninterrupted
  • No need to switch between apps to create your meetings
  • You can create and join StarLeaf meetings directly from a Teams channel or chat

Interoperability is and always has been a key part of the StarLeaf story. Both Cisco & Zoom have recently announced Teams integrations to be released sometime in the future. StarLeaf have chosen to partner with BlueJeans to offer this functionality for you today.

It really is the easiest way to connect your conference rooms to Microsoft Teams meetings and great news for those of you using both Microsoft Teams and StarLeaf.

The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams solution is available from AuDeo now. Speak to our Account Managers Brad & Greg if you would like to find out more, email or call 01256 891700.

StarLeaf Touch 2045

NEW StarLeaf Touch 2045

StarLeaf has released the NEW Touch 2045

StarLeaf continues to develop and improve their meeting room systems. With a fantastic new touch panel we think it’s easier than ever for users to join and control video calls in the meeting room. Take a look at our video to find out what’s new and better about the StarLeaf Touch 2045!

The StarLeaf Touch 2045 is a great new 10″ touchscreen controller with a fantastic new interface designed to improve the user experience in meeting rooms.

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Nureva Span Workspace

AV Showcase Tuesday 12th November 2019

AV Showcase 2019

Tuesday 12th November 2019, 11am – 2pm

We’d love you to join us for a showcase of the latest AV products available for all sizes of meeting spaces. Discover how to improve efficiency and productivity in your meeting spaces with the latest AV.

  • Looking to refresh your meeting rooms
  • Discover how to make your meeting rooms more productive
  • Keep up to date with the latest AV technologies

Register your interest by filling in your details below.

Tuesday 12th November 2019
11am – 2pm
With a buffet lunch

Workplace House, Kinnarps, 69 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5RR, just a minute’s walk from Farringdon tube.

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productive meeting rooms

Our Advice for Creating Productive Meeting Rooms

Using technology to Create Productive Meeting Rooms

Our tips for using technology to improve productivity in your meeting spaces and creating productive meeting rooms.

Driving productivity & efficiency in your meeting rooms with tools & technology

Productivity is defined as the output per hour worked per person. It matters because it is the way nations grow and businesses grow, become richer and have rising living standards.

Productivity is a big topic for the UK at the moment. Our productivity performance has been below-par over the last decade and we are one of the least productive countries in Europe. We keep hearing on the news and from various business forums that we should be working on productivity levels.

Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces.

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Because Meetings & Communications Are Important

Because meetings are important – Modern Day Communications


Irrespective of size, sector or strategy, meetings at the heart of your organisation’s success or failure. Good communications are required to sell, to buy, to plan, to budget, to service, to target and to deliver.

It follows that every organisation therefore provides areas to enable communications to take place, be it personal, one to one, one to many or many to many. We may call them meeting rooms today, but that term is becoming blurred as modern organisations create “Meeting Spaces” for their staff and executives.

Take a look at our Guide to Modern Meeting Spaces.

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