8 Key reasons to use a trusted partner to support your meeting room AV

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After investing a considerable amount on your AV solution you will want to ensure its continued reliability and make sure that you get the best value and return on your investment for some time to come.

Tempting as it may be to forgo the support options, it is rarely advisable. No matter how well designed, planned and installed your systems are, as with all technology over time errors are inevitable, through either technical issues or human operational error.

Choosing the best AV partner

There are many av companies out there providing varying levels and quality of support. Choosing the best partner to work with is key to having access to the best and most cost-effective support for your meeting rooms.

Having an AV support contract with a trusted and reliable partner provides you with a safe and trusted pair of hands to look after your meeting room technology for you. Freeing up your valuable IT resources and time. Ensuring that help is on hand when you most need it to resolve issues before those all-important company meetings and video calls.

Now, more than ever before our meeting rooms and av technology have become a highly used and vital resource keeping our remote and hybrid teams collaborating and communicating. The right kind of AV support helps to keep these mission critical resources running with minimal downtime.

Here are some of the reasons why a support and maintenance plan with a trusted provider may well prove to be the best investment you make when it comes to your meeting room technology.

Professional AV support and maintenance1 - Professional AV knowledge

No two av systems are alike. A professional AV integrator will know your system inside out. They will have either designed, built and installed your system for you or undertaken a site visit and review of your equipment and systems. They have an in-depth knowledge of your audio visual equipment - including how each piece of equipment fits into your system seamlessly. With a thorough understanding of the intricacies of your solution it becomes easier to find the root cause of any issues and solve technical problems quickly as a result.

2 - Reduced cost

You can choose to leave support to your in-house IT team but do they have the time, resources and expertise required to troubleshoot and find dynamic solutions quickly? Using professional AV support is significantly less expensive than the investment in extra staff with the required knowledge and skill set. Outsourcing your AV support means that your IT staff have the time to focus on more pressing issues within your organisation without being overburdened or stretched too thinly.

3 - Specialised knowledge and training

Installing AV systems can be challenging but providing support can be even more difficult especially for someone who lacks the specialist expertise to understand how AV systems function. Audio visual specialists are fully trained and up to date with all of the latest technologies. They possess the in-depth knowledge required to support you with the best upgrades and repairs, keeping your systems not just functional but optimised and up to date.

4 - Less downtime

With more of us working from home, more of the time our collaboration and communication technology is becoming increasingly important to the smooth day to day running of our businesses. An improperly functioning audio visual system can cause significant communication issues. Depending on your teams reliance on the technology, it could potentially mean your organisation is paralysed for days without access to mission critical equipment. Audio visual support specialists are able to provide fast fixes to ensure that your team can limit any loss, maximise productivity, stay in communication and return to normal as quickly as possible.

5 - Support packages to suit your needs

AV support is not on-size-fits all. The best AV support specialists will provide a variety of options to ensure that you are covered in the best way to suit your needs. Many support issues can be resolved easily over the phone or with remote access, but you may also need to the peace of mind knowing that you can have a professional on-site to fix your issues when you need them.

  • Remote support - the first line of defense, provided over the phone, through email or via video. Unlimited access to technical assistance often resolving last minute issues and saving those all-important meetings from being cancelled.

  • On-site support - providing the peace of mind that you can have an av support expert on site to fix your issues in person if they can't be resolved remotely.

  • Preventative support - regular preventative onsite maintenance to inspect equipment and undertake any required updates.

  • Per room support packages

6 - Instant access to support

Having a support contract in place means that you or any of your users have access to a team of experts that are prepared to handle any problems whenever they arise. The best support providers will have SLA's in place to ensure that your support queries are dealt with in a timely manner and within certain time frames.

7 - Preventative maintenance and health monitoring

Depending on your level of service you can have access to health monitoring, diagnostics and preventative maintenance. Perfect for ensuring the longevity and functionality of your investment. Updates and preventative maintenance visits make sure that your system is running at its best and prevent the need for repairs or replacements in the long run. Health monitoring and diagnostics enable any issues to be detected early, before they even come to your attention and allow your provider to start working on a fix.

8 - Centralised UK support

You may have multiple offices across the UK all with various sized meeting rooms and differing AV equipment. Having one point of contact for support, with full knowledge of the system you are using in that particular room enables a quick and easy resolution to any issues. No matter what room, no matter what equipment, no matter what location you have one number/email for any problems that may occur.

AuDeo Audio Visual Support and MaintenanceSolutions that work, work well and work for you

The perfect situation is not having to need support for your Audio Visual meeting room technology and that needs to be the goal.

AuDeo prides itself in designing solutions that work, work well and work for you.

We choose our products & devices using a variety of needs:

  • Good brand – a quality name

  • Functionality – does what it is required

  • Reliability – it can be trusted and is known for its longevity

  • Security – Protected from outside interference

  • Value – fair and equitable cost

With simple, functional & smart designs, your Audio Visual system has the highest chance of working well and delivering long lasting satisfaction.

Providing the best level of support when you need it most

However, if things DO go wrong, your NEED is to get back up and working as soon as possible.

AuDeo understands this and designs its support services with this goal and our customer’s need at the centre of its strategy.

It is our mission to provide you with the best possible levels of support for your meeting rooms and AV systems. The true measure of our business is how we handle your support issues for you. Our fully certified support staff, with over 20 years of AV service and support experience provide a wide variety of support solutions to suit your needs. When you trust us with your meeting spaces, you can be rest assured that we’ll always be there to help when you most need it.

We have many long relationships with customers who first engaged with AuDeo via our support service – AND STAYED.

We hope we can add your name to this list.

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