The Far-End is Important

Close Up of Remote Worker on Video Conference Call

The far-end is now more important than ever before! 

The meeting room experience is about to change and there IS something we can do about it.  

We need to make it work for ALL participants. 

For years we’ve focussed our efforts on making the meeting room work for those in it. Yes, okay we’ve provided Video Conferencing to connect to other colleagues, customers or suppliers, but there were typically more people in the room than on the screen. 

In future though, the experience is going to be a little different!! 

With more people at the far-end, it becomes increasingly important to improve THEIR experience.  

This can be achieved by focussing on the room itself: 


Our ears compensate a lot from what we hear, but microphones don’t. Give the electronics a chance. Echo and reverberation are expensive to eliminate electronically, but relatively low cost using Acoustic treatment. Poor audio at the far-end creates stress and is tiring for the listener. They will contribute more if they are relaxed and can hear as well as see everything. 


Everyone needs to be heard so a good quality mic set up will provide just that. 


We don’t like talking to silhouettes! Good quality lighting, window blinds and appropriate décor and colours really do help. Fortunately, the world is moving away from whitewashed offices with bold splashes of colour and this favours the camera and Video Conferencing. 


Room design is key and it is important to keep it simple, functional, easy to use and of a high quality to prevent constant support. However, keep it appropriate. Too much can be just, well, too much!!! 

AuDeo has over 20 years designing meeting rooms & spaces that JUST WORK!!!! 

We keep our designs tailored to your needs using high quality equipment & components that won’t cost the earth. We really do use what we sell, so we know how good the solutions are. 

Our focus is on your having successful meetings with successful outcomes. 

And equipment for your remote workers… 

Once you have given your remote participants a great experience by addressing some of the most common meeting room mistakes, we can turn to the equipment your remote workers are using. For them to come across in a professional manner, they need to hear and be heard clearly first and foremost. Don’t scrimp on the audio tools.  

Audio Tools for your remote workers 

Most of us working from home will have a mobile phone to hand, maybe a desk phone and of course a PC; 1 set of ears and mouth with up to 3 devices to work with! Giving them a headset that can connect and work with all 3 simultaneously will allow them to switch between devices seamlessly and even make a cuppa whilst on the call. If their work involves all day long phone activity, they may prefer a wired connection. Or perhaps some users prefer the freedom and comfort of no headset but still demand great quality audio…. that is so rarely provided by laptop mics, speakers and camera for that matter. 

Successful meetings 

Getting these simple things right will provide surprisingly good results in terms of user fatigue and make the day much more enjoyable. 

If a good, all round meeting experience is important to you, then AuDeo can help. We have more than 20 years’ experience in designing technology into meeting spaces and our approach is appreciated by many customers.  

We listen first! Listen to your needs, your desires, must haves, your timescale & your potential budget. We will tailor our design to suit your requirements with the focus on delivering productive meetings with successful outcomes. Get in touch to speak with us today. 

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