3 Top tips for your meeting room AV design

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Your meeting room is a blank canvass 

We encourage you to approach your meeting room design from a blank canvass.  

Up until now our meeting spaces were designed with the requirement that everyone would be in the office or meeting room, but now as new ways of working start to evolve at least ½ of the workforce may be working from home. We predict that all our meetings will now have at least one remote participant.  

Are your rooms now not fit for purpose? Is sitting around a meeting room table now outdated? Have your technology needs changed?  

Taking a fresh look at your meeting room AV design gives you a chance to break the mould of the typical humdrum meeting room and create something special that suits your needs. 

These are typically the three most essential elements we consider when exploring your meeting room requirements and AV design.  

1 – Ask yourself what you need out of your meeting space? 

Are you trying to retrofit an existing room or existing technologies? Or are you looking to design from the ground up? 

What type of meetings will be taking place?  

Formal? Informal? Large or small? Or to make effective use of your space you could opt for the flexibility to accommodate diverse types of meetings if the format is likely to change often.  

Do you need to include remote participants? 

What activities do you need to do? 

  • Video 

  • Interactive Collaboration 

  • Presentations 

Try to limit each room to one of the above primary functions, a video suite for lifelike video meetings is going to need to look, feel and function a lot different to a team collaboration space.  

2 – Remember that simplicity is key 

Make sure that the technology is easy to use. If things are easy to use, there’s less to go wrong. Keep the rooms focused on their purpose and their use & there won’t be any barriers to adoption.  

The aim is for anyone to be able to walk into the room and start a video conference call or a presentation without needing any IT help and support.  

In a small room this could just be making sure that the product you select is easy and intuitive to use. In a large conference room with lots of technology working together it could mean considering a control system to bring everything together into an easy to use, intuitive way. 

3 – Your meeting room environment is important 

At a time when we are starting to encourage people back into the office our meeting spaces are becoming essential meeting hubs, places where employees should want to visit, meet, collaborate and spend time together. Our meeting spaces need to be pleasant and productive with all the right technology to hand. Your meeting room aesthetics are to be considered here, from good audio and lighting through to comfortable meeting room furniture and even the colour/decor you choose; everything that creates the look and feel of your meeting space. 

Choose to work with an experienced AV design company 

We recommend that you choose to work with an experienced AV design company, who will help you to create your perfect meeting space. They will guide you through the process of discovering what you really need out of your meeting spaces, helping you to identify the best technologies, products and set up for your requirements. 

These are some of the things that we suggest you look for when choosing an AV partner to work with. 

Knowledge & experience 

Choosing the right Audio Visual company to design, install and support your meeting room AV means that you will be able to draw upon their knowledge and experience. They will be able to advise and recommend the best solutions for you and will have access to all of the latest technologies available. 

Advice & recommendations 

Choose to work with a partner who will take the time to visit your meeting space and listen to your requirements. They will help you to scope your project and put together AV designs and quotes for your meeting room. An agnostic provider, not tied in to any one vendors or product, will always provide you with the best selection of products and technologies to suit your needs. 


Always ask for a demonstration! You should be able to arrange an online demonstration or visit demonstration facilities to see the technologies and products in action. 

Installation & support 

A company who can provide everything you need from start to finish is always best. They will be able to co-ordinate the whole project for you. Someone who has their own in-house installation team and a support helpdesk will provide a much higher quality of install and service than a company relying on third parties. 

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