Achieving equality in your hybrid meetings

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How do you achieve meeting equality in your hybrid video meetings?

We've been hearing a lot about meeting equality. So, we thought we'd take a look at what this means, the technologies that are evolving and how we can achieve equality in our meetings.

Hybrid is the way forward

We have entered a world where being in the office five days a week with all of our colleagues is a thing of the past. Almost every meeting moving forward will have a mix of both in-person and remote attendees. We all now expect to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere, regardless of whether we're in-person or attending meetings virtually.

On an equal footing

The term 'meeting equality' means being able to do this on an equal footing. Ultimately, no one should remember whether you were in the room or on the screen. You should be able to hear, see and collaborate fully with everyone whether you are present in the room or working remotely.

Key pain points

It is important to identify any of the key pain points. Hybrid meetings can be chaotic. Home workers may still be juggling work/home life, they may have space limitations and glitchy connectivity. Those out on the road might have difficulty logging in or participating from small devices. All spaces come with a variety of background noise levels and interruptions. Meeting rooms may also be using older, legacy technology.

Your people

Hybrid working is different for everyone and the way that your people meet and collaborate will differ. Focusing on their individual requirements enables you to provide them with the technologies that they need for successful meeting experiences, wherever they are working from. There may also be chosen video or collaboration platforms that need to be integrated into your meeting spaces.

The right technology

Having the right technology and collaboration tools in place is critical for maximising productivity and overcoming the challenges of working from anywhere. Technology helps to create a consistent and equal meeting experience.

Keeping things simple and focusing on the main requirement of your space or meeting room is the key to selecting the right technologies for your team.

The technologies and features available are ever evolving. Vendors continue to work on improving the video experience and tackling video fatigue. Speaker tracking and group framing features mean that presenters don’t need to worry about staying in view of the camera. Spotlighting and Microsoft initiatives such as Front Row and Together modes provide 'equality in video' in large multiway all-hands meetings, by focusing on those speaking and giving everyone an equal and optimal view on screen. 

Start your journey

Your teams deserve meetings that give everyone an equal seat at the table and selecting the right technology can help to achieve this. Work with us and take a journey to discover the best technology set up for your people and your spaces. What work is and how it gets done looks different for everyone and all meeting spaces are different. So, we'll work with you to understand your needs and recommend the best technology for you.

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