Best AV technologies to consider for your workplace & meeting rooms

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Discover the best AV technologies for your workplace & meeting rooms

If you’re looking to improve or refresh your workplace or meeting spaces, then these are some of the best AV technologies that we think you should look at. 


With the current mix of home and office working, predictions are that all meetings will have at least one remote participant. Video enabling all your meeting spaces is key to providing an equal experience for everyone no matter where they are working. We’ve all become accustomed to using headsets and cameras from our desks for video calling, so the expectation for excellent quality video calling with great audio in the meeting room is high. 

Interactive displays 

Interactive displays and screens are becoming increasingly popular in the meeting room.  This type of technology extends the capability of your meeting spaces, providing more flexibility and making your rooms more inclusive of remote workers. Interactive displays are great for working together in person, sharing ideas and then continuing to work on them remotely. 

Meeting pods 

Meeting pods are a trend that’s appearing everywhere. They give you the flexibility to easily divide your office space to provide smaller and personal enclosed quiet spaces without the need to build permanent walls and fixtures. Perfect for making the most effective use of your office space and providing interesting, inviting and proactive meeting spaces. 

Resource management – room booking, hot desking, visitor management 

Workplace management solutions allow you to measure the trends and utilization of your desks, meeting rooms and technology to identify how your colleagues are working providing you with the data you need how to use your workplace in a smarter and more efficient way. User-friendly, cloud-based platforms for Room, Desk & Visitor Management give you the ability to easily book your desk or meeting space and welcome visitors professionally. 

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Engage & inform with digital signage 

Digital signage can play an essential part in your organisation’s communications. Utilise displays around your offices to engage with your staff, communicate messages, reinforce your corporate culture, create the office buzz, celebrate successes and achievements. With user-friendly digital signage solutions you can effortlessly automate the delivery of continuously fresh content to your screens from a variety of sources.  

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Choose a partner with a pro-active support team/service 

We advise you to carefully choose your AV provider. Make sure that you select a partner who can  provide you with a proactive support service. All of the best AV providers will have their own in-house responsive support team to help with any issues. Even better if they are able to provide an AV monitoring service to support your rooms and help fix issues in real time. 

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