Business benefits of digital signage

Digital Signage Screen in Office Reception Area

Strengthen your corporate communication with digital signage

Misinformation costs companies hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

There is a better way to communicate with your employees & customers and strengthen your corporate communications. It's no secret, happy employees are productive and more loyal. Digital signage makes it easier for you to better connect with employees. Using digital signage in your corporate communication strategy can help to build a positive company culture and improve engagement.

Keeping your hybrid employees engaged and connected is challenging. Not everyone is in the office at the same time. Digital signage ensures that everyone receives the same messages, regardless of when they are in the office. Everyone is kept up to date with company news, upcoming events and reminders.

The benefits of digital signage

  • When employees feel connected, productivity rises. Highlighting sales figures through digital signage helps to motivate and bring the team together through a shared goal.

  • Messages don't get lost! Too often, employees will walk past paper bulletins, flyers or emails get lost in spam or among other emails. Some messages are much better communicated visually. The very visual element of Digital signage easily captures attention.

  • Telling your brand's story helps to familiarise employees with the company they work for and foster greater pride in the family they are part of.

  • Appreciating employees and recognising business wide achievements boosts team morale and motivates employees, creating a positive working environment.

  • Builds a good reputation, helping to retain employees and attracted talent.

Exciting and engaging digital singage contentEffortless content creation

With the content streaming services available today you can effortlessly create great content for your digital signage.

  • Easily set up your design template with your logo, colours and fonts to stay consistent with your brand.

  • Access unlimited infotainment content from local weather, traffic updates and latest news through to digital art content and thoughts of the day.

  • Utilise your existing social media accounts to push content to your digital signage screens.

  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams, Yammer and other collaboration apps to automate content and make digital signage accessible to everyone.

Exciting & engaging digital signage solutions

Our cloud based digital signage solutions combined with content streaming services enable you to enhance your corporate communications. Engage with your staff, communicate messages, reinforce your corporate culture, create the office buzz, celebrate successes and achievements with user-friendly digital signage solutions.

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