Creating hybrid meeting spaces

Meeting in Large Boardroom Using Video Conferencing

Setting up your meeting rooms for hybrid working

With our new hybrid ways of working, employees are splitting their time between working from home and working in the office. Meeting spaces and the technologies in them are evolving as our ways of working evolve.

We need to adapt our meeting spaces to accommodate these new, more flexible ways of working and provide the tools and technology to allow people to meet and collaborate effectively, regardless of their location.

To successfully set up your meeting spaces for hybrid workers you need to rethink what your employees really need and want in terms of meeting spaces and technology.


By extending the workplace outside the office walls, the hybrid workspace allows employees to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Almost every meeting will have a mix of both in-person and remote attendees, so our meeting spaces need to not only be places where you can meet in person but also somewhere you can connect with remote participants.


We need to be able to easily connect to our chosen video and collaboration platforms, wherever we are working from.

For ease of use, it's important to keep things simple. The technologies you choose should be easy to use whether you are in the office or connecting from home or out on the road.

Consistency is also key. Using the same or similar technologies in all of your meeting spaces and from home allows users to confidently access the same familiar tools and technologies wherever they are.


Meetings are best when everyone has an equal experience regardless of knowledge or location.

You should be able to hear, see and collaborate fully with everyone whether you are present in the room or working remotely.

Selecting the right technology for your meeting spaces

Having the right technology and collaboration tools in place is critical for maximising productivity and overcoming the challenges of working from anywhere. Technology helps to create a consistent and equal meeting experience.

Hybrid working is different for everyone and the way that your people meet and collaborate will differ. Focusing on their individual requirements enables you to provide them with the technologies that they need for successful meeting experiences, wherever they are working from.

These are some important considerations for your hybrid meeting rooms:

  • Who & how will you meet?

  • How many remote attendees will there usually be?

  • What is the main focus of your room? Video, presentation or collaboration?

  • Integrate your chosen video and collaboration platforms

  • Video enable every room with cameras, microphones & sound bars

  • Wired or wireless presentation technology?

  • Interactive displays?

  • Create an engaging environment that reflects your corporate culture

Start your journey

Your teams deserve meetings that give everyone an equal seat at the table and selecting the right technology can help to achieve this. Work with us to create your perfect hybrid meeting spaces. Take a journey to discover the best technology set up for your people and your spaces. What work is and how it gets done looks different for everyone and all meeting spaces are different. So, we'll work with you to understand your needs and recommend the best technology for you.

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