Crystal clear meeting room audio

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Do you need crystal clear audio in your meeting rooms?

The quality of your meeting room audio can mean the difference between having a pleasant and productive meeting experience or having to abort your meeting.

Raising expectations for audio in your meeting spaces!

For most of us our experience of working from home has been one of using professional headsets with great quality audio. It’s what we’ve become used to. So, why should we expect anything less from our meeting rooms?

Ensure every word is heard for a good all-round meeting experience

Audio is frequently an overlooked element of the meeting room, but often small changes in your room can make all the difference.  

What sounds fine to everyone in the room may not sound so great to your remote participants. Now that more of us are working from home than ever before, the importance of audio in your room has never been so key. 

Many rooms contain lots of glass and hard surfaces which look great but unfortunately don’t do anything for the acoustics and sound reverberation in the room, resulting in a poor audio experience for your remote participants.

And, if you get a few people talking at once, which tends to happen in most meetings, the microphone & subsequently the remote participants at best can’t identify who’s speaking or at worst can’t hear at all

Help with your meeting room audio

Whether it’s the acoustics in the room or you’re not happy with how your current technology is performing, AuDeo will work with you to provide and install the appropriate products into your meeting rooms.  

We use quality products and follow best practices to achieve a pleasant and productive meeting experience. 

We’re here to help you! 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help improve your meeting room audio and discover your audio options.

Take a look at our help section for meeting room audio.

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