Essential technologies for enhanced homeworking

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As we continue to adapt to the reality of hybrid working, in whatever form that takes for your business, it is vital to ensure that employees have access to the hardware and tools that they need to remain productive, whether they are in the office or at home.

A quick transition to remote working

For many of us, the move to working from home was a rapid one. Typically we managed the transition to online video communication using our built-in laptop peripherals or whatever was available at the time. As a result we've frequently experienced poor quality audio and interruptions.

Hybrid working is becoming the new normal

Being in the office 5 days a week with all of your colleagues is a thing of the past. As our versions of hybrid working evolve and become the 'new normal', now is the time to address any of the issues we've had. Having the right technology in place has a big impact on overcoming the challenges of working from anywhere.

Be seen & heard clearly

Wherever we are working from we all need to see and hear each other clearly to be effective. Ultimately no one should really remember whether you were on the screen or in the meeting room.

Your homeworking communication needs

Quality, comfort, easy to use and set up are the things we need most from our home communications. The addition of a few simple items can make the most challenging environments productive. Professional, premium quality microphones, speakers, headsets and cameras for a productive home office environment. Products and technologies that prevent background noise from disrupting our calls are key for those of us working in a busy environment. High quality video and collaboration tools keep us connected with colleagues and customers alike.

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Don't forget the meeting room too!

Our personal video experience from working at home means that our expectations for the meeting room are high. We want to be able to use the same tools and we want to be able to collaborate and share information easily. Almost every meeting will have a mix of both in-person and remote attendees. Video enabling your meeting rooms and providing everyone with a familiar meeting experience wherever they are is key to ensuring productive meetings.

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Everything you need to support your hybrid team

We've been confidently connecting teams and clients through cutting-edge meeting solutions for over 20 years. We can help you with the perfect set up for your hybrid working needs. We'll help you to get connected and provide everything you need to support your mix of home & office workers.

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