How to integrate Video Conferencing into your meeting spaces

Poly Studio Video Conferencing System in a Medium Meeting Room

In an ideal world all meeting rooms and spaces would be video enabled

With the current mix of home and office working, we predict that all meetings will probably have at least one remote participant. Video enabling your meeting spaces is key to providing an equal experience for everyone no matter where they are working.

How do you integrate video into your meeting rooms?

You’ve already chosen a video platform to support your homeworkers, but how do you integrate this into your meeting rooms?

There are various ways of connecting your meeting room systems to your Teams, Zoom or other chosen video platforms to make calls. Some are better than others and some are more expensive than others.

We know that there isn’t one answer that fits all! The best option for you really does depend on your set up, your chosen platform/s, how you want to make and join calls and your available budget.

That’s why we ask a lot of questions…

What’s your room like?

Size matters, so that we can choose a solution that’s the right fit for your room!

How will you use your room?

Can you dictate the platform you meet on to your customers, partners, suppliers & investors? Or will you need to use other apps & platforms?

What about security?

We believe that security is a must when it comes to your business communications and we will always recommend a solution with security at it’s core.

What about user experience?

It goes without saying that you will want a solution that is simple and easy to use!

Do you need support?

Do you have the resources to provide support yourselves or would you prefer to have professional, dedicated support whenever you need it?

How do you choose what’s right for you?

With a number of different solutions available from a multitude of vendors that allow you to collaborate in your meeting rooms, how do you choose what’s right for you and avoid any unforeseen costs?

AuDeo has a wealth of knowledge and experience designing, installing and supporting video conferencing over the last 20 years and is well placed to help, advise and support you on all things 'video conferencing'.

Have a chat with our team. They’ll talk through your requirements and offer guidance on the solutions that will work best for you.

Take a look at our help section on how to integrate Video into your meeting rooms.

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