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What do you need from your meeting spaces?

To get you started, we've put together a basic checklist to help you plan your meeting room audio visual technology.

Whilst it's tempting to start by looking at the rooms you have, we always recommend that you should first stop and ask yourself, "what do we need?"

Focus on how your business operates and it's meeting requirements before trying to cram technology into rooms that aren't suitable for your business practices.

Your requirements

Try to forget technology and think about what happens in your rooms today, how you meet now and how you would like to be able to meet in the future.

  • Who will meet - How many people typically need to meet together and how often?

  • What type of meetings do you host - Are they large/small, formal or informal, collaborative, discussion or presentation led?

  • How many remote participants are you going to include in these meeting? Are they colleagues, suppliers or clients?

& now, the technology

  • Do your meetings require access to any specialist tools or software?

  • What video & collaboration platform(s) do you use or are you subject to your clients preferences?

Your spaces

Now we need to find spaces suitable for these requirements. If each question above yielded multiple responses then you may be looking for several different room styles. It's better to have specialist rooms for different meeting types than try to build a jack of all trades.

When looking at rooms you need to consider:

  • Is the space physically suitable, is it big enough to host everyone meeting there?

  • What's the wall structure? Are there suitable places to hang displays, cameras and whiteboards?

  • What's the floor and ceiling structure? Are cables going to be easy to install and serviceable?

  • Are you going to need to provision extra power and data?

The environment is key!

  • Is the lighting in the room comfortable and appropriate?

  • Is the room kept at a comfortable temperature?

  • Is the room echoey, making it tiring to focus on what people are saying?

  • Does the room ventilation / aircon make a lot of background noise, making it difficult for microphones to hear participants?

The technology

With the two areas above considered, we can focus on technology that can naturally fit into your rooms and business processes.

  • Make sure you are using appropriately sized displays; all participants should easily be able to read the typical content on the display.

  • Appropriate cameras are required for meeting parity, to allow remote participants to read facial expressions and feel like they're in the room.

  • Presentation technology should be effortless and consistent in every room.

  • If you use whiteboards, digital or otherwise, they need to be included in meetings too!

  • Control within the room can ensure setting up a room for different meeting needs works every time.

  • Room booking and management gives you insight into your companies meeting culture by reporting on meeting room usage, whilst making it easy for colleagues to find and book appropriate rooms.

An open-minded design approach

We give you the freedom to rethink your meeting spaces.

Our team of Designers, Programmers, Engineers, Project Managers and Account Managers combine their knowledge, skills and experience to deliver your project to the highest standards.

Whether you’re looking for a simple meeting space solution or a large multifunctional room requiring complex programming we have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to design it for you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next meeting room project.

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