Meeting space and AV technology trends 2022

People Using Ipad in Informal Huddle Space

Many of us love being back in the office. We enjoy the buzz of human interaction with coffee break chats and face-to-face team meetings.

To encourage us all back into the office businesses have been transforming their spaces into new, stimulating working environments.

How the spaces in your office look and feel is important. You can create inspiring and comfortable atmospheres through technology, furniture and décor in the office.

We explore the current meeting space and technology trends that organisations have been using in the workplace to boost productivity and entice us back into the office.

Modern meeting spaces

Activity based spaces

Office designs are starting to incorporate various flexible workspaces to serve different purposes. No longer restricted to a single desk or meeting room you can choose the space best suited to your task. This could be a private, silent space for important or time sensitive activities or collaboration spaces for team brainstorming activities.

Social areas

Spaces for employees to work casually, to catch-up with each other, to have a coffee and take a break, to de-stress or host an informal meeting. These spaces act as the hub of your business, they reflect your corporate culture and create the office buzz.

Team collaboration

Traditionally we'd meet in the conference room but we are now realising the benefit of creating flexible, comfortable, interactive collaboration spaces that inspire creativity, discussion and innovation. Anything goes in these spaces from sofas and beanbags to bar stools and standing desks. Whatever fits with your office culture.

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Team collaboration on interactive display screenHuddle spaces

Meeting spaces for anywhere from 2 to 6 people. Huddle spaces are becoming increasingly popular and make very effective and productive use of your available meeting space. They are ideal for short, face-to-face impromptu catchups, ad hoc calls, quick brainstorms, small team project work or small group discussions away from the desk.

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Private booths

The typical office environment is fast-paced and disruptive. Booths offer privacy for those all-important confidential meetings or for those tasks where complete focus is required. A soundproof, private space for minimal disruptions. There is so much choice available now, anything from acoustically treated furniture & panels through to tailored booth/pods to create private spaces.

Meeting Pod Private BoothTechnology trends

Interactive displays

Interactive displays aid collaboration, innovation, improved communication, efficiency and productivity.  With video conferencing tools, connectivity and cloud technology, interactive displays bridge the gap between office and remote workers allowing everyone to work together equally in real time.

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Digital signage

Keeping hybrid employees engaged and connected is challenging. Using digital signage in your corporate communication strategy can strengthen connections, build a positive company culture and improve engagement. Everyone receives the same messages, regardless of when they're in the office.

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Digital Signage solutionRoom booking systems

Room booking systems allow you to optimise the use of shared spaces, removing booking frustrations, double bookings and empty rooms. The occupancy data provided by room booking systems enables you to maximise the usage of your meeting spaces and make informed decisions on future meeting spaces and technologies.

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Meeting Room Booking SolutionWireless presentation

Wireless presentation systems make accessing AV equipment and sharing content easier than ever. Users should be able to walk in and start collaborating immediately. With wireless presentation solutions, they can.

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