Meetings – the good, the bad & the ugly!

People Meeting in Boardroom Using Video Conferencing

Ever had one of those meetings, where everything that can go wrong, does?

How often do you have to rely on IT intervention to get everything working?

Our team meeting is booked, it’s a recurring monthly meeting in our calendars. Four of us are in the office today and three are working remotely, so we’re having a Teams video call. The agenda has been shared around and with 5 minutes to go, we’re off to the meeting room. 

First, the double booking

We arrive at the room, unfortunately it’s already being used. So, now to find another free room or space to use with only minutes to spare. Why can’t we manage these issues? 

You can, with an easy to use room booking solution to manage all of your meeting room bookings, double bookings can be a thing of the past.

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Then, everything is switched off!

The screen and the VC system in the room we’ve found are both turned off! Now to find the remote controls and figure out how to switch everything on. If only we could easily control all our devices? 

You can, an intuitive control panel in the room means that anyone can walk into your meeting room and easily start their meeting using the technology they need. Or your systems could be programmed to automatically turn on/wake up when someone enters the room.

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Now, how do I present?

Which cable do I use to connect my laptop so that I can present on the screen? Let’s give IT a call to pop in and sort it for me! 

No need to call IT – Connect Wirelessly! Just connect your laptop and press the button to share your presentation on screen. It’s that easy with wireless presentation solutions.

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& How do I join a Teams call from the meeting room?

We’re in the room, everything’s switched on, I’ve got my presentation on screen but how do I join a Teams call from the meeting room? Luckily, I have the IT team here to set it up for me! 

It doesn't have to be this difficult! Why not make it easy for anyone to join video calls no matter what platform they need to use, without IT intervention. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team to find out the best options to help you easily join meetings on any video platform. 

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And to top it all off, we can’t hear you!

Finally, 15 minutes late, we’re all in the Teams call but now we’re having audio issues. The remote participants can’t hear us very well and one of them can’t get their microphone or speakers working at all.  

Professional meetings require professional equipment, consider using sound bars & professional headsets.

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Meetings should be easy & effective

Now, we know that not every meeting experiences all of these delays and set-backs every time but more often than not we have at least one of these issues in every meeting. Time spent in meetings should be both productive and enjoyable. You shouldn’t have to rush around finding alternative meeting spaces at the last minute or waste time trying to turn the systems on, getting your presentations working, working out how to join your video calls or sorting out audio issues. The technology should be easy for everyone to use, it should just work without the need for IT intervention.  

Seamlessly integrated AV solutions help your meetings to run smoothly

We provide truly connected meeting room solutions that are reliable and easy to use. We understand that your meeting rooms need to work for everyone in a variety of ways to ensure that business always runs smoothly. Our Audio Visual solutions are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, without compromise on style or quality. Have a chat with us about your meeting room pains. Let us help to make your meetings work for you! 

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