Real time workplace occupancy data from GoBright

Is it time to access real time data to enhance your workplace?

Busiest Times

Do you know what the busiest hours or days each week are in your office?

Can you tell which of your meeting room resources is most frequently used or which teams meet more often?

A Balancing Act

As government guidance changes and employees can start to return to the office, companies are likely to see a fluctuation in overall occupancy of their workplaces.

Managing a flexible workspace and balancing the need for meeting spaces and desks with employee safety is a challenge.

Real Time Data

Managers and key stakeholders will require access to real time data to ensure the office remains a safe place to be. Visibility of data such as occupancy levels and key trends is going to be crucial to controlling the use of the office and also helping to shape workplace policies.

GoBright Analytics

Go Bright provides the data needed to plan and monitor your workspace usage.

GoBright’s analytics can monitor booking and occupancy data, display trends on specific building areas or times of the day. Access to this real time data allows you to swiftly adjust plans and policies. This valuable data can be used drive effective use of your workspace and inform any decisions for the future.

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