Redesign your workspace for effective hybrid meetings

Many companies are redesigning their workplace to enhance the hybrid work experience

More of us working from home

Whatever your plans for returning to the office the likelihood is, that when you need to meet, some of your team will be in the office and some will be working from home.

It is predicted that all of our meetings will probably have at least one remote participant.

Meeting Hubs

Rather than a place for our entire workforce to reside, our offices are set to become social and meeting hubs for those all-important meetings and gatherings.

Greater demand for small, flexible, video collaboration spaces

With a mix of remote and office-based workers there will be greater demand on your meeting rooms with a requirement for smaller, flexible, video collaboration spaces.

Re-designing your workplace for effective hybrid meetings

More small video collaboration spaces

We predict the need for multiple, smaller video collaboration spaces to allow those in the office to collaborate effectively with their remote colleagues.

Good all-round meeting experience

Before now our meeting rooms had been designed predominantly with in-room attendees in mind rather than the remote users’ experience.

Maybe you have a great boardroom table, but not everyone can be seen on camera from the far end.

Your room is clean, light, airy and probably contains lots of glass and hard surfaces which look great but unfortunately don’t do anything for the acoustics and sound reverberation in the room, resulting in a poor audio experience for your remote participants.

And, if you get a few people talking at once, which tends to happen in most meetings, the microphone & subsequently the remote participants at best can’t identify who’s speaking or at worst can’t hear at all.

Perhaps you’ve chosen a video platform that doesn’t connect easily with your existing meeting room video conferencing equipment.

Enhancing your meeting spaces

There are many (some very simple) options to help fix issues with your rooms or re-purpose your existing spaces. Whether it is simply a better microphone or camera, acoustic treatment, the addition of equipment that connects to your chosen video platforms or installing flexible partitioning to turn one meeting room into more.

Successful meetings

Are your meeting spaces ready for getting back to the office?

If a good, all round meeting experience is important to you, then AuDeo can help. We have 20 years’ experience in designing technology into meeting spaces and our approach is appreciated by many customers. 

Whether you are looking at re-purposing your rooms to enable safer, more effective use of your spaces OR adding more video conferencing equipment to connect to whatever video platforms you’ve chosen, contact us!

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