Is it time to rethink and refresh your meeting rooms?

Meeting in Large Boardroom Using Video Conferencing

Now that you're starting to use your meeting rooms again, is the technology in your meeting spaces fit for purpose?

Is now the time to update & refresh your meeting room technology?

We're finding that the technologies we had in our meeting rooms pre-pandemic often aren’t fit for what we require from our meeting spaces now. The way we work has evolved. Now, as we settle into our own version of normal and start spending more time in the office, our meeting room technology requirements have changed.

Integrating your Video Conferencing platform

If you didn’t have video in your meeting rooms before, then it’s probably an essential requirement now to include remote participants in your meetings. If you had video before then you may well be using a completely different platform now. Incorporating whatever platforms and technologies you’ve chosen into your meeting rooms is key.

Improving your audio

Maybe you’ve discovered that the audio in your meeting room isn’t quite up to scratch. We’ve become so accustomed to using headsets and webcams at home that our expectations for video and audio in the meeting room are high. We want everyone to be seen and heard on a video call, wherever they are.

Making best use of your meeting space

You may have discovered that your meeting space requirements are very different now. What would have been a full boardroom may now only be 2 or 3 people in the room connecting with remote colleagues.  To make most effective use of your space you might want to consider splitting larger meeting rooms into smaller collaborative meeting spaces.

What are your plans for your meeting rooms?

What plans do you have for your meeting rooms? Have you been thinking about updating your meeting rooms but haven’t done so yet? Were you waiting to see how your meeting room requirements would change before making any plans?

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