The role of technology in successful meetings

Video Conference Meeting in Boardroom

What part does technology play in having successful meetings?

Let’s start with a definition, what is a meeting?

"an assembly of people for a particular purpose or formal discussion"

In business, meetings are made of various combinations of people and/or technology to assist in the operation of said meeting.

Meetings are important

Millions of meetings take place every day, at work or in one’s personal life. Human’s ability to communicate audibly & visually is the catalyst for meetings to take place.

The purpose of meetings

Meetings have a purpose, a reason, a desire to have an outcome, a successful outcome and it is the job of technology to enable successful outcomes to be achieved with the most amount of ease and reduced stress on the participants, in the shortest time possible.

Successful meetings help strategy decisions, company tactics and people decisions and affect the productivity & profitability of a business, so are worth investing in.

Technology plays a critical role in the delivery & success of any meeting

Meetings come in many flavours e.g.

  • One to one

  • One to many

  • Many to many

  • Internal to the organisation only

  • Internal & external

These meetings use a variety of methods to achieve their objectives – in-person or remote, audio or video, phone or Computer or appliance. Technology plays a critical role in the delivery & success of any meeting. It is critical, therefore to carefully choose how this achieved and, more importantly, with whom you partner to achieve it.

Hear, see, be heard & be seen with meeting technology

AuDeo has been in the MEETINGS business for over 20 years. We understand their needs, their importance, their contribution to the organisation in terms of strategy, tactics and moving forward. It is this understanding that allows us to design solutions that cater for all participants in a meeting where they can hear, see, be heard, be seen and contribute in a positive way.

The use of technology should greatly enhance the meeting experience. The technology needs to be:

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to use

  • Stress free

  • Reliable

  • Secure

  • Trustworthy

  • Relevant

All of these will reduce fatigue experienced & endured by many businesses caused by too many meetings with poor set up & performance through the COVID Pandemic in the last few years.

  • Meetings need to be stress free

  • Meetings need to be informative

  • Meetings need to be inclusive

  • Meetings need to cover all the options

  • Meetings need to be time-effective

  • Meetings need to be productive

  • Meetings need successful outcomes

Technology for successful meetings

We're here to help you have successful meetings wherever, whenever and however you meet. Your meetings are our priority. Once we truly understand your meetings, we're able to select the best technologies to help make your meetings successful.

Talk to us about your meetings.

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