The benefits of using digital signage in your office

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Digital communication for employees should not be overlooked

Enhance your corporate communications with digital signage

Digital signage can play an essential part of your organisation's communication strategy allowing you to communicate effectively with employees and visitors.

  • Engage with your staff

  • Communicate messages

  • Reinforce your corporate culture

  • Create the office buzz

  • Celebrate successes and achievements

With user-friendly digital signage solutions you can effortlessly automate the delivery of continuously fresh content to your screens from a variety of sources. Give your visitors a professional welcome with your brand messages and advertising.  Keep your employees up to date on the latest news from around the business, let them know what's important with company announcements, health & safety reminders, introductions to new team members or the latest sales figures. Encourage your corporate culture and personality by sharing employee anniversaries or birthdays and congratulating the latest successes and wins.

Communication with employees is vital for a successful organisation. Digital signage contributes to improving internal communication, especially in a hybrid working environment. It can be a great motivator for your team. Colleagues who feel more involved and informed are happier and more productive.

Make use of your existing screens

You can utilise existing screens around your offices to display digital signage content in your reception areas, communal areas and meeting rooms.

Easy content generation

The question of who's going to create and manage the content for your digital signage has been a stumbling block in the past. With today's user-friendly, intuitive cloud based digital signage solutions it's really easy to show exciting and engaging content and information. You can remove the onerous task of generating and managing your own content from scratch.

You can easily deliver data to your digital signage screens by using eye-catching and exciting content from a variety of sources. Link with Microsoft Teams and Yammer for employee-generated content. Infotainment feeds can provide automated Content such as News, Weather and Local Traffic. Social feeds can also be used to inform and inspire viewers with social media content.

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