The power of measuring & monitoring

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Understanding your meeting room & office space usage


Many of us now have the ability to work from home for at least some of the working week. Hybrid working allows us to choose where and how we prefer to work. For organisations, understanding the needs of their hybrid workers and providing flexible working environments is key to effective and productive hybrid working.

Design your office space efficiently

How do you make sure your office is fit for hybrid working? If you can gain insight into how your office is being used, with the help of systems and sensors, then you can tailor the working environment to suit your teams’ needs.

Find the answers in office occupancy management

With room booking and desk booking systems you can measure how and when your employees are using rooms and desks. You can see how your current office space is really being used and analyse your teams’ workplace preferences.

To measure is to know

This valuable information can be used to redesign your office spaces, perfectly tailored to your employees' needs. Having insight into employees' behaviours and preferences will help you to make data driven decisions and create working environments tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • Downsizing your office space

  • Turning office space into meeting spaces

  • Resizing your meeting spaces

  • Including video and collaboration technology in all meeting spaces

Cutting Costs

Office occupancy management can also help to reduce costs. When you know what space is actually being used and how, you might realise that you have way too much office space. You can then decide to let go of this space, lowering real estate and energy costs.

Creating availability with smart workplace management solutions

We're here to help you to discover endless possibilities to use your workplace in a smarter and more efficient way with user-friendly, cloud-based platforms for Room, Desk & Visitor Management.

Whether you need help managing your hot desk booking, need a booking system for your meeting rooms or help with office occupancy management then we're here to help advise on the best solutions for your requirements.

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