The secrets of successful meeting room AV design

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How to design Audio Visual for your rooms with successful meetings in mind

We've put together some behind the scenes secrets from our very own AV design team. Those of you who've worked with us will recognise these steps as part of the process we take you through when starting out on a new meeting room project. They're great hints and tips for you to follow when looking at your own meeting rooms.   

1 - Start with your people! 

Who do they need to meet with & how do they meet?  

There are lots of questions to ask here. 

Do you need to have large, all-company meetings or are your meetings more for small working groups? Maybe you need the flexibility to easily change your meeting space to suit the meeting requirement. 

Are your meetings formal, boardroom style with external people or are they more relaxed, informal internal meetings? 

Are all of your team members back working full time in the office or are they working flexibly and remotely from home some or all of the time? 

What AV technologies do your teams need? 

What is the main purpose of your meeting room, is it predominantly for presentations, or is it for collaboration or video conferencing? 

Do you have any chosen platforms that need to be incorporated into the room, such as Microsoft Teams or any collaborative tools that your teams are already using? 

2 - Then look at your room/space as an empty shell! 


A look at the structure of the room will highlight any issues you might have with hanging screens or running cables. 


How about the acoustics in the room? Do you have high ceilings, lots of glass or metal or background noise that could impact on the sound quality of any equipment you put in the room?  


How about lighting? Do you have lots of natural light in the room, maybe direct sunlight at certain times of the day? Or do you have very harsh artificial lighting? Both of these can be a problem for video conferencing cameras. 


What ambience or feel do you want to achieve from your meeting space? Minimalistic and corporate or perhaps you want to incorporate your brand and corporate colours? The choice is yours, but some colours and wild patterns may not be best suited to be used as the background in video conference calls. 

3 - Again, back to your people! 

When selecting the AV technologies to use in your room, simplicity is key! 

Rather than opting for brand names, make sure that the Audio Visual technology you select is fit for your purpose and easy to use.  Don’t make things overly complex. If things are easy to use, there’s less to go wrong and there won’t be any barriers to adoption. 

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