Top tips for your huddle rooms

People on a Video Conference Call in a Huddle Space

Tips & guidance for setting up your huddle spaces

Every company’s requirement from their huddle rooms will be different. The design, look and feel of your huddle room is up to you, your people, your company and your meeting needs.

As a starting point we encourage you to first think about what you will want to use your huddle rooms for.

  • Who will use them?

  • How often will they be used?

  • How many people will meet in your huddle rooms at a time?

  • Will you need to join remote participants?

  • What will you need to do in your huddle meetings? Will you need a space for just one or two people to jump on a video call with remote colleagues or maybe you will have three or four people meeting together to collaborate on a project?


Once you understand your business requirements you can then look at your available space(s).


Are you opting to open plan or fully enclosed? There are so many options available today to create booth spaces in open plan offices. Acoustically treated fabrics and solutions are a great choice for absorbing sound so there's no need for walls and doors.


Flexible and moveable is often helpful in huddle spaces to accommodate a variety of meetings. Consider opting for comfy chairs, small workbenches or bar stools. We've even seen huddle rooms with coffee tables, couches and beanbags. Whatever suits your needs and ultimately the look and feel you want to achieve in your huddle space.

Technology choices

There really is no right or wrong way to av enable your huddle spaces, it really does depend on your requirements. Whatever you choose you should keep things simple and make your choices based on:

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to manage

  • Reliable

  • Secure

Your huddle room experience should be as simple and easy to use as possible. Standardizing on meeting tools that are intuitive and reliable is key to help ensure user adoption.


An appropriately sized and positioned display screen is important in your huddle spaces. Your people shouldn't have to gather around a laptop to view a presentation or make a video call.  All participants should be able to see and read content on the display easily and comfortably.

Video cameras

In small meeting spaces people tend to huddle around the camera and mic. A wide-angle lens is necessary to ensure everyone can be seen within the camera’s field of view. Adding pan/tilt capabilities enhances the goal of making everyone around the conference table visible to people on the other end of the video meeting.

High quality sound

In a small space, you might be tempted to opt for a simple webcam. The mics built into a webcam are only intended for an audience of one and in a meeting with more people, that could cause problems.

Most of the high-quality conference cameras available also have built in room-optimized audio to ensure that everyone in the meeting can hear and be heard with auto-levelling and noise suppression features. 

Video bars

Video bars are becoming a popular option for huddle spaces. They are easy to install, simple to manage and update.

Content sharing

Ideally, everyone who walks into a huddle room will be able to quickly connect, share and manipulate content. In its basic form this is being able to connect your laptop and share content but you might want to consider wireless presentation solutions.

Monitoring & managing usage

Do you need to have a booking system for your huddle rooms to avoid double booking or interruptions? Staff can quickly and easily see room availability and book a slot using an online portal. You also get access to all the useful statistics on how your rooms are being used, enabling you to make informed decisions about future rooms and technology investments.

Improving your huddle space experience

We’re here to help with all your huddle space technology requirements. Whatever the activities you wish to do in your huddle spaces, we’ll provide an appropriate set of components, devices and applications that will deliver on our promise to drive productivity in your huddle spaces with an excellent return on investment.

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