What level of support do I need for my meeting rooms?

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Meeting room support is more important now than ever before 

Meeting room AV support contracts have become more important now than they ever were.

The way we work has changed. Our use of day-to-day technologies, meeting technology and meeting rooms is vital for our hybrid teams and in many cases, mission critical.

The ability to outsource support for meeting room AV reduces the pressure on our IT Teams by providing a reliable, knowledgeable point of contact for meeting room support, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly reducing any downtime.

But how do you choose the best and most cost-effective level of support for your meeting rooms?

Choosing the right level of support for your meeting rooms

The level of support you choose for one room may not be right for all your rooms. For larger collaboration rooms and Boardrooms that are vital for client calls and important business meetings, you may need a contract with an on-site call out and guaranteed response times to minimise downtime and losses. But maybe for those less vital rooms you could opt for telephone support to assist with fixing any issues.

Important considerations for choosing your level of meeting room support

There are some important things to consider when choosing the level of support for your meeting rooms:

  • The technology in the room

  • How frequently is the room used?

  • The importance of the room to your business

  • The cost of downtime & disruption

  • Is there anyone onsite with the time, knowledge & experience to help with issues?

Different levels of AV support to choose from

There are many different levels of support to choose from:

  • Break fix

  • Telephone only helpdesk support

  • Telephone, video & remote access support

  • Remote monitoring and management

  • Health checks and preventative maintenance

  • On-site engineer call outs

  • Support engineers on site full time

Mixing and matching all of these elements to best suit your meeting rooms and your business needs is often the most cost-effective option for you.

Consider a higher level of support with IT presence on-site

For many companies it is important to consider the benefits of having a higher level of support that provides quick response times with an IT presence on-site.

Like many of us, IT people are now working from home more of the time and businesses often don't have that on-site IT presence to help with meeting room issues and fault finding. Ultimately end users just want to be able to report problems and issues to someone who can fix them.

It is worth considering all options to work out which is the most effective level of support for you. Higher levels of support, quicker response times, remote fault finding and diagnosis followed by engineer visits to site or alternatively having a full time support engineer on-site may be the best option if you have no IT presence on-site.

Choosing a flexible support provider

Choosing a flexible provider that can mix & match your level of support depending on the importance, usage and differing technologies within your individual meeting rooms, means that you can choose the most cost-effective and best level of support for you.

A partner to provide the best level of support when you need it most

AuDeo aims to provide the best possible level of support for your meeting rooms and AV systems. Our fully certified support staff, with over 20 years of AV service and support experience, provide a flexible variety of support solutions to suit your needs. When you trust us with your meeting spaces, you can be rest assured that we’ll always be there to help when you most need it.

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