Where's your next meeting?

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Understanding where you meet

The meeting spaces you have, the places you meet and the people you meet with are important in selecting the best designs, layouts and technology options for you.


Meetings happen in all forms & guises and so too our meeting spaces come in all shapes and sizes.

Do you have boardrooms, meeting rooms, huddle spaces, collaboration rooms, home offices and remote workers or maybe a mix of all of these?

All meeting spaces are different and we know there isn't a one-size-fits all solution. The size of your meeting space, the design and the decor all play a part in determining the optimal technologies for your spaces, whether it's the size of the screen, the reach of the microphones or acoustic treatment for a hard surfaced room with lots of sound reverberation.


Your meeting format and the number of people you invite also shapes your technology requirements.

Do most of your meetings take place on a one to one basis, or with groups of people? Maybe you meet mostly at your desk on video or maybe you need town hall type meetings with one person presenting to the whole company?

The personal conferencing technologies needed for meeting at your desk are very different from those required for large all company presentations. 

Effective meetings

Understanding where you meet ensures that we can provide the right room set ups, platforms, software and technologies to allow everyone to participate effectively.

We're all about meetings

At AuDeo we're passionate about meetings. We love discovering everything about how you meet. Once we truly understand where you meet and who you meet with, we can recommend the best technologies to help make your meetings successful. Let's go on a journey of discovery together and find out how your meetings can be productive and successful every time.

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