Why do you meet?

People in a Meeting

What are your reasons for meeting?

No two businesses are alike

We have meetings for all number of reasons. No two businesses are alike and will all have different types of meetings with differing requirements for their rooms and meeting room av.

Understanding the types of meetings you have, why you have them and what you want to achieve in your meetings is key to choosing the best meeting room layouts and av technologies.

Reasons to meet

Why do you have meetings? You may want to have a video call, present information or work collaboratively on documents with remote colleagues.

Do you have regular project or team meetings? Monthly or quarterly Board and Management meetings? Financial reviews or all company meetings?

Whatever types of meetings you have, selecting the best meeting room designs and technologies will help you achieve successful and productive meetings.

One size doesn't fit all & bigger isn't always better! Clich├ęs aside, the technologies you select and the room layouts you choose should very much be determined by the types of meetings you need to have and how you want to use your meeting spaces.

  • Integrated video conferencing

  • Presentation systems

  • Interactive screens

  • Collaboration tools

  • Microphones, speakers & audio systems

  • Flexible rooms

We're all about meetings

At AuDeo we're passionate about meetings. We love discovering everything about how you meet. We want to understand the types of meetings you have on a regular basis so that we can recommend the best technologies to help make your meetings successful. Let's go on a journey of discovery together and find out how your meetings can be productive and successful every time.

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