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We’re passionate about meetings 

Your meetings are our priority. We take the time to ensure that we fully understand your meetings from the outset. The types of meetings you have, why you meet, where you meet & when. This means that we can focus on enabling you to have successful meetings by providing you with the right technology. 

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The most important part of a meeting is the successful outcome. Meetings are all about being able to present information effectively, have productive discussions, share information, brainstorm ideas and make decisions quickly.

Our aim is to enable everyone to be seen and heard in your meetings, to send and receive information effectively and to make informed decisions.

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We have meetings for all number of reasons. We understand that no two businesses are alike and we want to understand the types of meetings you have on a regular basis. Do you have regular project or team meetings? Monthly or quarterly Board and Management meetings? Financial reviews or all company meetings?

Whatever type of meetings you have, we’ll recommend the best meeting room designs and technologies to help you achieve successful and productive meetings.


Where do you meet? Do you have meeting rooms, huddle spaces, remote workers with home offices or a mix of all of these? Do most of your meetings take place on a one to one basis, or with groups of people? Maybe you have town hall type meetings with one person presenting to the whole company?

Understanding where you meet ensures that we can provide the right room set ups, platforms, software and technologies to allow everyone to participate effectively.

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How often do you meet? When do you have those all important meetings? Do you schedule them in advance, or do you just grab a meeting room or jump on a video call ad hoc? Maybe you have the ability to book your meeting rooms and meeting spaces.

Knowing when you meet means that we can help your meetings to go ahead successfully, on time, every time. We can help to provide the solutions to book the rooms you need, when you need them and to understand and report on your room usage.

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We’re passionate about recommending the best solutions for your meetings. Once we truly understand your meetings, we select the best technologies to help make your meetings successful.  

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Audio Visual Installation in Boardroom

Be seen

Our screens, cameras and presentation solutions ensure that everyone can see clearly and be seen.

Be heard

Microphones, speakers and acoustic treatments mean that everyone can hear and be heard.

Be in control

Smart control systems, platforms and software enable you to have your meetings how and where you decide.

Be managed

Intelligent scheduling and room booking systems allow you to find free spaces and book your meeting rooms.

Be informed

Corporate Signage keeps everyone up to date & informed.

Be supported

Our AV support gives you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event things should go wrong, we’ll be there to help.

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